Lana Rhoades has Czech-Slovenian roots, was brought up in religious traditions and grew up in Wisconsin, in a village located near the Illinois state. She was engaged in gymnastics and cheerleading, but at the age of seventeen moved closer to Chicago where she started working as a waitress and stripper. Lana took illegal stuff which led her to prison. She made her debut in the porn industry in 2016 at the age of nineteen starring for the FTV Girls in a masturbation XXX clip. Her famous pseudonym (real Lana Rhoades' name is Amara Maple) was taken from one of the characters of the second season of the television series American Horror Story. Fortune magazine placed Lana on the list of the most popular pornstars who starred in a total of three hundred porn films. In 2019, she stopped acting in professional porn, took up e-commerce and wrote an autobiography.

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